xPL-Logger …

…taking a look at the number of download, I saw this impresive (for me as a lonely developper :)  ) number : 1030 download on the 20th of March 2014 !

Thanks for downloading, if you find it useful, leave a message !

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xPL Binding for Openhab

I discovered openHAB some month ago, and I really love it. This home automation solution brings flexibility with its plugin system and works like a charm. Also the plugin approach enables many developpers to bring their own bricks, then it’s compatibility list grows very quick. The issue was that it was not xPL compatible, and working since so many years on xPL (registered on xPL forum since 2006), all my setup is currently xPL centric (using Chacon actuators, Oregon sensors through RFXLAN xPL).

I thought it was a good entry point to start developping around openHAB, and discover Java. On openHAB website, you’ll be able to find all needed howto’s and tuto in order to start, documentation is a really good point for this project.

I based my work over the already existing framework xPL4Java developped by Gerry Duprey (didn’t evolved for a while, but robust and stable – enough to go on with).

As for now, one action is available to send a message from a rule / script and also a binding to SwitchItem,NumberItem,StringItem. You’ll be able to download bundles in the openHAB Google Group, and they shall be included in the distribution as soon as code has been reviewed (source code available on github, here https://github.com/clinique).

Have fun.

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xPLizing your DHCP server

While reinstalling my home automation server under Ubuntu, I wanted to have a simple and flexible solution to correctly handle DNS and DHCP over my local network. Some times ago, I tried Bind, Unbound and thought it was really a nightmare compared to the expected advantages.

But this time, I at least found the solution : dnsmasq.

Read the rest of xPLizing your DHCP server

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xPL Opc in the launchpad

Haven’t posted anything new for a while. Was waiting to have something finalized enough to be presented. Now, I’m glad to introduc xPL Operation Center, an HAL equivalent under linux. Still in development but now stable and can be tried by whom willing to. Let’s tell me – I’ll give you credentials to access it.

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Merry christmas to the xPL community

Wanted to give greatings to all those that follow this blog, and thanks for your participation in the xPL community. I sense a growing interest in the xPL project at the time and would really like to see 2012 as a major year for our open home automation protocol.
As a way to try to link all those emerging (or well established) project, I created an xPL webring. For those who wish to participate, just leave a comment or send an email, I will send you neaded informations to include your blog/website in the ring.

Happy new 2012 year.

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